Kenmore Elite® 520 Hybrid Water Softener + Filter

Where to Buy

The Kenmore Elite 31,000 Grain Water Softener and Filter Hybrid system is designed to soften and filter your water all in one. If you want to reduce common contaminants such as large sediment and chlorine taste and odor while supplying soft water throughout your home, this system is a perfect choice.

Built with intuitive technology that provides cost savings that other models can’t, the Kenmore Elite 520 features IntelliSoft® technology that keeps track of your water usage over time and regenerates beforehand, using only the salt and water that’s necessary. This feature helps save money on energy, water and salt costs and helps your system work more efficiently—and you’ll never need to worry about running out of soft water.

With the Kenmore Elite 520 Hybrid System’s advanced electronic controls, you can also monitor daily water usage, current water flow, current salt level and more.

With the Kenmore Elite 520 Hybrid system, you can reduce mineral stains, calcium buildup and enjoy healthier skin and hair. The softening capabilities also mean cost savings on soap and detergent purchases and brighter, softer clothes. The filtration component of the system will provide your home with better-tasting water.


Household Size

Ideal for most household sizes, this 31,000-grain system removes up to 100 gpg (grains per gallon) of water hardness and up to 3 parts per million (ppm) of clear water iron.

IntelliSoft® Technology

Save money on energy, salt and water costs with this intuitive technology that monitors and adjusts to your soft water needs, ensuring you never run out of soft water.

Multi-Tasking Appliance

The 2-in-1 design of this water treatment system provides both soft and filtered water throughout your entire home.

No Filter Replacements Necessary

The hybrid media tank of this system features resin beads which reduce hard water minerals, and carbon media which reduces chlorine smell and taste. The system cleans itself upon regeneration, which means no filter changes are necessary.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Designed for ease of use, this system is simple to set up and install—no need to call the plumber.

Ultra Flow Valve

Kenmore Elite 520 has a 1” ultra flow valve that ensures maximum water pressure throughout your home, including your faucets and showers.

Ultra Cleansing Feature

As an additional layer of protection, this system features a screen that protects against large particles that can damage your water-using appliances and plumbing.

Water Usage Statistics

Understand how much water you’re using with the “Water Use” button featured on the display screen. This is a great tool for those who are interested in monitoring and conserving their water.

Tank Light

For your convenience, the tank light provides visibility to the inside of your system in low-lit areas. This light will turn on automatically once the tank lid is opened.

Robust Design

This all-in-one system is equipped to soften and filter water from both municipal and private well supplies.

NSF International Certified

This system was tested and found to meet standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation so you can be confident you’re purchasing a quality, third-party tested system.

Standard Factory Warranty

This system comes with the following warranties: 1 year for parts and labor, 3 years for electronics and 10 years for tanks.


Softener, bypass valve, installation kit and a written installation guide.

Product Specs


Height: 48″
Width: 15″
Depth: 20-1/2″
Height to IN – OUT: 41-3/4″
Width between IN – OUT: 3-3/4″

Direct Replacement for Older Kenmore Models

The Kenmore Elite 520 Model 625.385200 has the same height (floor to inlet-outlet) and same 1” valve size as these older Kenmore models:

  • 625.348600
  • 625.348670
  • 625.383760
  • 625.384200
  • 625.384260
  • 625.385200
  • 625.388400
  • 625.388450
  • 625.388460
  • 625.388480
  • 625.388800
  • 625.388880



NOTE: Due to variances in production and assembly, the Kenmore water softener valve height may vary by up to 1/2″ from an existing water treatment system, including existing Kenmore models. This potential change in valve height will not affect system performance.